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Back in October, Cameron, our new web developer was handed the task of coming up with a piece of creative marketing collateral to promote that Umbrella Marketing Team had expanded with new staff and additional services. To this end, he created a 45-second video in the 8-bit style. Cameron’s inspiration was drawn from retro computer games and he compared the introduction of new staff to new players joining in game. Check out our 8-bit video by clicking here.

In the last few weeks, we have seen an emergence of television and online 8-bit adverts from big companies including Costa Coffee, CITV and even Premier league team, West Ham. It appears we were ahead of the curve!

Citv 8-bit logo      West Ham United 8-bit logo          Costa Express 9-bit logo

credit to ITV (http://bit.ly/2ErSF6g), West Ham United FC (http://bit.ly/2DYhbhF) and Costa Coffee (http://bit.ly/2FwYFdp) for the stills of their videos

So what is 8-bit? 8-bit was a popular form of computer architecture during the 1970’s and 1980’s popularised by many arcade computer games such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders and brought in to the home by Super Mario. Arriving at the present day, Minecraft and Roblox have caught the attention of preteens everywhere.

How can 8-bit help your marketing? The emergence of 8-bit in mainstream marketing has largely been through video. This has helped brands come to life and get served up through a new media format. As the video is 8-bit, it is a lower resolution which often uses less memory and therefore ideal to be streamed and viewed on mobile media devices.

Video can share a concept in a different way than still images and text, it is less ambiguous and engages the viewer quickly and click-through rates are higher. Video helps with SEO as Google ranks it highly, and is evidence that there is quality content on your website.

Video will only continue to grow in popularity and accessibility. With more platforms now offering native video, organisations can broaden their reach and can engage their niche through platforms such as LinkedIn.

Consumers like video, use video and remember video. It is also becoming much more affordable and accessible. Here at Umbrella Marketing Team, we can create video content for your business. We can help you with idea conception, storyboarding and content creation. Our social media team can help promote and strategise your content.

Umbrella Marketing Team, all the marketing you need under one umbrella!


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