About Us

We are Umbrella.
A modern marketing team that delivers.

We offer a comprehensive, scalable resources that can be used by businesses of all sizes – from local start-ups through to multinational corporations. 

All businesses have lots of priorities to juggle and some may already have a marketing team.  Having a marketing department doesn’t necessarily equate to having all the experience, skills and abilities you need.

Here at Umbrella, we can become your marketing team, or, we can become an extension of your team and fill in crucial skills-gaps in your organisation. Whatever you need us for, you’ll be rewarding your organisation with an effective marketing solution that delivers real results.

Here at Umbrella, we know that Marketing Managers often have great ideas but lack the resources in-house to move certain projects forward meaning that a range of freelancers and agencies are called in. This often creates more time pressures for the marketing manager as project managing multiple individuals and agencies becomes a full-time job leaving no time to market! We know because we have been there and done this in our previous lives!

With Umbrella Marketing Team, you can take on a team’s worth of experience, know-how and initiative at the price of a single salary (or less!). We’ll even manage your freelancers and agencies for you, making sure that, no matter what, you’re getting the best results for your business.

Think of us as an extension of your team: You stay in control with all the marketing you need under one umbrella, together, we’ll get results.

Recruiting new staff can raise concerns over their skills, suitability and adaptability to company culture. There’s also the costs of recruitment, onboarding, training and development and the ongoing costs associated with salaries- the list goes on!

By outsourcing to Umbrella Marketing Team, instead of limiting your business to a single employee, you’ll have the support from a team of five (at the cost of one!).

For those companies located in areas that traditionally have a higher cost of living, you can stop subsidising people’s costs of living: no more ‘London weighting,’  instead, you can pay a North West salary.

Our Commitment

We are a full-service marketing team, busy designing and building beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences.

We’re not just a supplier or an agency: we work in collaboration with you. We’re not a typical marketing agency, we are your team, focused on your business.
Our Vision
Our Mission

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Whatever you need us for, you’ll be rewarding your organisation with an effective marketing solution that delivers real results.

Premium outsourced marketing for any type of business.