About Us

Innovation, Creativity, Excellence.

A well-balanced mix of experience and fresh talent from a range of marketing disciplines has been combined to form the Umbrella Marketing Team. We draw the best in experienced marketing professionals, blending them with the freshest graduates and apprentices so you benefit from the enthusiasm of new talent with those who know ‘what good looks like’.

Principle Contacts

A Blended Resource

Our team is made up of seasoned marketers and fresh graduates and apprentices – giving you a mix of experience and enthusiasm.

We're Your Team

We form long-term and lasting relationships with you. We’re not just a supplier: we’re your back-office team.

We Provide Results

Measured performance on your terms: we’ll work with you to establish your aims and we’ll provide the results you want.

We Solve Problems

We do more than just do! We solve your marketing problems, helping your business grow as you want it to.

Wide-Ranging Experience

As a team, we’ve got experience across a range of sectors and from businesses of all sizes. Whatever your business, it’s our business too.

5% Club Members

We pride ourselves in investing in the next generation, an attitude that has gained us membership of the exclusive 5% Club.


Apprentice and Graduate Talent

We recruit only the brightest and best graduates and apprentices for our team.


Experienced Marketers

The finest experienced marketers provide our team's know-how.


Your Team

Our team is your team: we work to your standards, delivering what you want.

Our Credentials

Our team comes highly recommended!