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The importance of creativity in web design

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The importance of creativity in web design Web design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence so you need to find a style that works for your business! We recently led a West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce Start-up club workshop and put together a few reasons why web design is so…

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Ask the expert

Ask the expert Networking Event

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Our team here at Umbrella is taking part in the “Ask the expert” event. The event organised by the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce takes place on November 14th at the Chester Racecourse. Different to usual networking, this event promises guests the opportunity to engage with a variety of local experts specialising…

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It’s Like Twitter, but for Google…and it’s called Google Posts (unofficially).

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It’s been rumoured for a little while, but today we’ve received a flurry of emails from our favourite search engine asking us to sign up for their new feature, Google Posts. With the overwhelmingly poor response to Google+ over the past few years, this seems to be Google’s newest effort in developing its place in…

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International Women’s Day- great marketing or politics?

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More and more brands are joining forces when it came to International Women’s Day… This renewed focus on female empowerment and gender equality is providing brands and marketers with both an opportunity and a challenge in terms of authentic association. For some brands this is a perfect opportunity to piggyback with their marketing!  L’oreal’s famous “You’re…

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Office of the future

Office of the future

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From hidden rooms, opening bookcases and slides through to colouring wallpapers, fake ski cabin designs…how else can we keep the creative vibe going? What kind of office design can accommodate all the creative needs of an artistic workforce and ensure employees are never lacking creativity? Predictions are that workplaces of the future may not resemble…

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Integrating Marketing - A Quick Reference Guide - Umbrella Marketing Team

How To: Integrate Your Marketing

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Traditional and digital are often viewed as distinct approaches towards marketing a business, but Umbrella Marketing Team are huge advocates of using digital and traditional marketing activities in tandem. OK – let’s put this in a way everyone will understand: through the medium of food! Burgers taste great on their own, as does cheese: but,…

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email marketing

10 Questions to Ask Before You Press Send

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Sending an email marketing campaign? Wait! Before you click send and your 10,000-strong database receives your email, have you checked everything? Mistakes cause damage to your reputation – inaccurate links or poor spelling and grammar are amongst the worst of the worst! You can download our quick reference guide – 10 Questions to Ask Before…

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What is SSL and does my website need it? - Umbrella Marketing Team - Outsourced Marketing

SSL: what is it and does my website need it?

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I’ll start with an answer: Yes. Your website does need SSL. In fact, any business that uses a website to process or handle data – particularly sensitive data such as credit card details – should ensure that a valid SSL certificate is registered against their domain. This will help you stay secure and give your…

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Small Business Branding - 9 Things You Need to Get Your Brand Right from the Start - Umbrella Marketing Team

9 Things You Need to Get Your Brand Right from the Start

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One of the most common problems for Umbrella Marketing Team’s small business clients – particularly start-ups – is that many of them haven’t been able to get effective support and advice around constructing their brand before they start to work with us. This is usually not the fault of the people in the business (perhaps…

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Merry Christmas from Umbrella Marketing Team!

Merry Christmas from Umbrella Marketing Team!

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Merry Christmas from Umbrella Marketing Team! With the Christmas jumpers having been worn (and worn out!), the fairy lights twinkling and the cold weather getting colder, Umbrella Marketing Team are officially celebrating Christmas! Whilst we are enjoying turkey and mince pies (not on the same plate, obviously!), our office will be closed. We’ll be returning…

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