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Franchise Marketing

What Does Franchise Marketing Mean?

What Does Franchise Marketing Mean? 1024 483 Claire Davies

In some cases, depending on the agreement with the franchisor, a franchisee is allowed to carry out local marketing campaigns and initiatives of their own. Some franchisors will have a local marketing requirement as part of their agreement where a franchisee has to spend a set percentage of their gross sales on local advertising on…

Franchise Owner

Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing 1024 683 Umbrella Marketing Team

Franchise Marketing Creating a strong brand requires that the franchisor and all franchisees send a consistent message to new and existing customers. For this reason, franchisors in well-designed systems tend to set strict rules for the use of their trademarks and take full control of the application and creation of any marketing and advertising materials.…

outsource marketing

Why Outsource – ask Steve!

Why Outsource – ask Steve! 1024 576 Cameron King

This is a topic that I get asked regularly. Don’t get me wrong; outsourcing isn’t for everyone but allow me to take you through a few pointers to see how it could be beneficial to your business. Outsourcing is an excellent way of using an “out of the box thinking” method.  You may have an…

Ready for lift-off after lockdown?

Ready for lift-off after lockdown? 1024 577 Cameron King

The lockdown has given many businesses the opportunity to take stock of their operations, their services, and their communications. With a move to get us all back to work just around the corner, the question that businesses now need to address is just how much have the industries in which we operate changed, as well…

Umbrella Marketing Team to the rescue!

Umbrella Marketing Team to the rescue! 1024 288 Cameron King

When reading a Facebook Post from a member of staff at the Chester Ambulance Station regarding their broken-down washing machine, Umbrella Marketing Team based in Chester couldn’t ignore their plea. Said Gavin Belton-Rose of Umbrella Marketing team “We had been looking at ways we could give back to our local community during this pandemic and…

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