SSL: what is it and does my website need it?

What is SSL and does my website need it? - Umbrella Marketing Team - Outsourced Marketing

I’ll start with an answer: Yes. Your website does need SSL. In fact, any business that uses a website to process or handle data – particularly sensitive data such as credit card details – should ensure that a valid SSL certificate is registered against their domain. This will help you stay secure and give your […]

Look Like You Mean Business!

Look Like You Mean Business

I attended a ‘marketing masterclass’ a little while back, which was run by a marketing firm based in Chester. During the seminar, the phrase ‘look like you mean business’ came to the fore. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this phrase, but something resonated with me on this occasion and it got me thinking about […]

Guest Blog: How Good Are Your Customer Relationships?

How Good Are Your Customer Relationships?

Umbrella Marketing TEAM are proud to introduce Nigel Clark as our guest blogger. Find out more about Nigel at the bottom of this article. I work principally with professional services firms – lawyers, accountants, property management, etc. – where there has long been an obsession with client relationship management (for some reason, professional services firms refuse […]