What people are saying about Threads, the latest and biggest Twitter challenger

What is threads

Twitter users have seen a lot of changes since Mr Musk appeared on the scene, many of which haven’t exactly been embraced with open arms. Some common complaints have included unwanted content appearing in timelines, the controversial blue tick policies (and multiple revisions of it), repeated outages because the technical teams that could fix things […]

What makes a good marketing agency?

What makes a good marketing agency?

A good marketing agency is one that can effectively promote and sell a product or service through strategic planning, creative execution, and measurable results.  There are several key factors that make a good marketing agency. Here are some of the most important ones: Expertise: A good marketing agency should have expertise in a variety of […]

What is GA4?

what is ga4

GA4 stands for Google Analytics 4, which is the latest version of the Google Analytics platform. GA4 is designed to provide more advanced insights and analytics capabilities than the previous version, Universal Analytics. It offers features such as cross-device tracking, machine learning-powered insights, and deeper integration with Google Ads. With GA4, businesses can better understand […]

Top 10 marketing tools your business shouldn’t be without

marketing tools

There are thousands of marketing tools out there, many professing to be essential andtransformative to your business, so it can be difficult to see through the hype to what’s actuallygoing to provide you with the most useful features and a return on your investment, whether time,money or both. In light of this, we’ve put together […]

Tips for using and visualising data in your marketing strategy

marketing strategy

There are many benefits to using data in your marketing strategy to help communicate with your audience. It helps to add credibility and authority to your marketing content and can often be used to explain complex topics, points or concepts in a way that is easier for your target market to digest.  Everyone loves a […]

Views from the experts: Marketing Trends for 2023

marketing trends 2023

The beginning of a new calendar year is often a time when businesses take stock of their marketing strategy and make lots of plans for the months ahead. In light of this, the team of specialists at Umbrella have shared what we believe are important marketing trends and opportunities for 2023 and why it’s essential […]

SSL: what is it and does my website need it?

What is SSL and does my website need it? - Umbrella Marketing Team - Outsourced Marketing

I’ll start with an answer: Yes. Your website does need SSL. In fact, any business that uses a website to process or handle data – particularly sensitive data such as credit card details – should ensure that a valid SSL certificate is registered against their domain. This will help you stay secure and give your […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day – here’s to teamwork!

Not only do we have some tenuous links to Ireland and love an excuse for shenanigans.. Umbrella Marketing Team are big believers of teamwork! What does St Patrick’s Day have to do with teamwork I hear you cry? St Patrick’s Day is a much loved, lively occasion for people (both Irish and not) to come together […]

Digital en Vogue

  With 329,800 Tweets, 120,000 Instagram photos and 9 outdoor screens streaming shows to locations across the UK last year, it’s not just fashion that British designers are savvy about – it’s the power and influence of digital to build their brands and connect with their audiences. The industry has always had to change and […]

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