Views from the experts: Marketing Trends for 2023

marketing trends 2023

The beginning of a new calendar year is often a time when businesses take stock of their marketing strategy and make lots of plans for the months ahead. In light of this, the team of specialists at Umbrella have shared what we believe are important marketing trends and opportunities for 2023 and why it’s essential […]

Is Social Media Just for Young People?

Is Social Media Just for Young People?

Did you know that there are an estimated 3 billion social network users in the world? This is almost half of the world’s population! For businesses, social media is now one of the primary forms of communicating with their customers. It’s easy to presume that the majority of customers at your bespoke kitchen design business […]

Twitter- seven deadly sins of marketing communication


Image: Courtesy of Limebridge This simple communicator has very quickly gained tremendous popularity worldwide. It benefits not only brands, but also sports and music celebrities, politicians and journalists. It even became a key communication tool during many modern revolutions and wars, as it provides users with privacy and allows them to spread their messages anonymously. […]

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