Content marketing – redefining communications with your client

Content marketing is currently the most popular, effective and one of the most successful methods of marketing communication with clients. It enables you to build trust and loyalty- two values that are of the up most importance for brands that want to stay on the top.

Content, not advertisement!

Classic advertisements, year after year, are becoming less and less important and are losing their value. Not only are they very costly, but also far less effective than they used to be in 90s. We stream and download films, avoiding adverts as much as we can; we watch On Demand, Netflix, BBC iPlayer- all in a bid to be more time savyy and to actually watch what we want and nothing else.

Brands are constantly looking for alternative solutions.

Michelin Guides could serve as a great example of some very early content marketing efforts. Now over a 100 years old, they focused on the travelling, restaurants and hotels more so than on actual car tyres. By showing beautiful places across continents they invite people to travel by car (and use their tyres).

In 1996 Microsoft founder Bill Gates forecasted that content will become a real power on the Internet: “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

Until recently, nobody would have believed that with the help of content, a successful communication with clients could be carried out. This was mainly due to the demand of large businesses and corporations, that wanted to see immediate effects of their marketing activities. Those used to be secured by the advertisement spots in TV, radio and press. Since the readership began to fall, the adverts started loosing their influence. Many people don’t watch TV altogether, limiting themselves to the news feed from Internet.

Communication Strategy

Content is a part of a communication strategy based on providing clients with valuable content in both an informative and engaging way, rather than persuasion. What both adverts and content have in common is the impact they can have on our emotions.

Content marketing is a way of pulling a recipient into the world of a particular brand. Thanks to such measures, companies can set new horizons, promote new lifestyles and inspire. Great example here is Red Bull. The drink itself is just an addition to extreme sports, expeditions or wild parties, ‘Best drink must be accompanied by the world’s toughest challenges.’ When we hear about new event involving extreme sports or pushing barriers in this regard, we probably subconsciously recall Red Bull.


Common values and likes are deciding factors in gaining clients sympathy. Experts confirm that clients identify themselves with their loved brands, believe in them and some even tattoo their logos- The Harley Davidson logo can be often seen on the arm of keen motor-bikers.

Content marketing is consumed without much thinking. People often forget what they are reading and perceive it as newsworthy content produced by impartial journalist. This is where, for example, beauty products testimonials are so effective and successful.

Umbrella Marketing Team

Umbrella Marketing Team can help you to produce content that is aimed at people rather than robots. Importantly, we can add a pinch of creative humour to it, which is always appreciated on the web.

We can help to position your brand in terms of the right keywords describing your services and products. With the change in Google algorithm in April, this is the main factor in terms of SEO.

Not for impatiens!

Lets not forget that content marketing is a long-term strategy, not immediate sales trick. Once again, it is based on trust and on-going reputation building as a specialist in the certain field. If you are consistent, it will bring desired results and clients will start choosing your products and services over the competition.

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