Digital Marketing and Customer Experience… it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

The newest data from Gartner shows that 68% of enterprises have separate digital marketing budget, which on average, equals to 25% of their total budget. The research indicates that the customer experience is considered to be the top innovation and investment in 2015.


The aim of the increased budget is to help companies to better connect with their clients or potential clients. Marketers are believed to invest in the customer experience to accelerate business and revenue growth.

customer experience

So what’s so striking about it?

  • A customer experience is not just about a rational experience of how quickly a phone is answered or info about your opening hours.
  • More than 50% of a customer experience is subconscious so it’s all about how your customers feel.
  • A customer experience is about how a customer consciously and subconsciously sees his or her experience.
  • This can include awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction and purchase.

“A customer experience is not just about the WHAT, but also about the HOW.”

So, our parents were right…it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it!

And of course, how quickly you can get that message across. If there is one thing I hope that you remember from this blog, let it be about communication- it’s not just about the information but about the way we deliver our message.

Where as before phone calls and letters and meetings took time–and the company was in complete control of that time, the place and the channel–those days are gone. Nowadays businesses must be ready to reply, tweet, post and direct chat anywhere, anytime.

Since the customer relationship is in the core of the business so should the contact centre. This is a new control centre!

Investing in frontline people who enjoy working with customers is critical. Hiring executives that also understand the value your customers bring and don’t treat them as a number but huphone appointmentman, is key.

An example where this has been adopted particularly well at my dentist practice. The dentist is digitally savvy and the office even sends a text message to confirm my appointment. They have every magazine in the waiting room I could ever want to read! There are the latest toys for children. The woman who runs the office reminds me of Glenda the good witch. She gives compliments, remembers details from six months ago. The fact all of this is available to her at the touch of a button doesn’t register because she makes me feel like she really cares!

Technology usage in customer experience has been embraced across a variety of industries, not only by the healthcare professionals. Delivery firms use it to track and tell you exactly where your item is, when was it shipped and who signed for it. Transport agencies can notify about train or flight delays, re-booking and alerting customers to new arrangements without any “work” on their part.

By reminding customers of something they could be keeping track of themselves, you become their irreplaceable vendor.

They are happy to rely on you. For example, you can remind them, before they ask, for example, when their insurance renewal is due or when a medication needs to be refilled.

Digital marketing is all about data and the opportunities it brings.


It’s important to have an ‘opportunity focused’ approach rather than one of a dilemma. The right use of data can jump start your marketing efforts and at the same time- deliver real results whether used for multichannel, lead generation, personalised apps or true one-to-one marketing!


So to truly invest in the customer experience, use the data you have.


Reach your customer in a way that you can interact and be relied upon.


Monitor the information, habits etc. and adapt and evolve with your customer. Build the relationship, communicate often and be aware of wants needs and trends.


Think about your audience (Personas):

  • Who are they?
  • What do they want to hear?
  • How do they want to hear- text, twitter, email?
  • When- times, how often


Tailor your message to suit their needs and remember it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and make sure it’s a good experience!


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