Facebook and Instagram’s latest updates: helping brands

The forever changing platforms of Facebook and Instagram are at it again with another update, this time making life easier for brands, advertisers and marketers alike.

Facebook is about to add more features to its Video Creation Kit, allowing one video to turn into every size and ratio you’d need. This is great news for anyone who knows the pain of uploading multiple video files of different sizes and ratios for a campaign to comply with all the placements. Facebook claims that it will now only take ‘a click of a button’.

This update will also add other features such as; a template that will change a static single image into a video, season stickers that can be added to any content and more font choices for overlaying onto videos. They have also added the much needed ‘save’ function to the Kit, allowing anyone to pick off where they left off when video editing.

These features have been created to not only make the process quicker for the marketer but also make Facebook ads more accessible to companies that don’t have enough resources to spend hours creating videos for their brand.

Instagram is also rolling out new features for brands, allowing them to promote their influencer’s paid partnership posts to any audience. Although this looks to increase the reach for a brand, there are also doubts that these posts will reach all the influencer’s organic following as well.

The promoted posts will sit within a brand’s Facebook Ads Manager, just like any other ad they’ve put out on their channel. This means that the brands can view all the post’s analytics, as at the moment they have to rely on the influencer reporting back with their metrics.

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