Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing

Creating a strong brand requires that the franchisor and all franchisees send a consistent message to new and existing customers. For this reason, franchisors in well-designed systems tend to set strict rules for the use of their trademarks and take full control of the application and creation of any marketing and advertising materials.


Using Trademarks and Marketing Materials

Franchisors go to great lengths and expense to develop an identity or “brand personality” for the name. They will have ensured that it is legally protected. It is so vital that franchisees use the approved trademark in line with the franchisor’s established guidelines.


Established franchise systems provide franchisees with specific marketing and advertising materials for adaptation to the franchisee’s use. However, there are also systems which allow franchisees to create their own collateral, with approval from the franchisor.


Whichever system you have you may have in place, the question is whether or not you can manage your marketing or would your marketing be best placed and managed by a team that can deliver it for you!


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