Today Twitter celebrates 10 years of providing drama, comedy, romance, excitement and a whole host of other emotions in 140 characters or less.


The microblogging service feels as if it has been around for a lot longer, however, having played significant roles in major world events from the London riots and a decade of Superbowls(!) through to the Arab Spring. It’s also been a steadfast provider of news and gossip and the breaking point for many scandals (and much comedy!)

For businesses and brands, it’s become a key part of marketing strategy; in fact, it’s been a key driver in the development of digital marketing, as a concept, along with the likes of Facebook. For individuals, it can be inspirational, thought-provoking and just plain fun!

Twitter – for ten years of bringing people together, we salute you! Happy birthday!


And in the true spirit of marketing, here’s our ‘Best of Twitter’ PESTLE…



Twitter can be a source of great political insight…


Okay, not strictly part of PESTLE, but Kanye West is just too good to miss out!


Even chocolate bars have embraced Twitter (and Facebook!)


Twitter even allows astronauts to chart their time in space! (Go Tim!)


Who said the Police have to take everything so seriously?


And who doesn’t like a cute penguin picture every now and then? Although, don’t forget the important message behind it!


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