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There are many marketing challenges for businesses and organisations in healthcare. Whether it’s hospitals, community projects, private clinics, pharmaceuticals, wellbeing retail or health tech, effectively communicating with your target audience and achieving your strategic goals can be complex.

Establishing and maintaining an online presence that resonates with all parts of your audience

Raising awareness locally with patients, medical professionals, consumers and related businesses

Determining the best marketing channels, strategy and tactics to reach your intended audience

Creating informational content that engages and educates the reader

Growing and maintaining a thriving social media presence and community

Navigating regulatory guidelines in all marketing communications

Our Services

Here at Umbrella Marketing Team, we have worked with multiple health and wellbeing sector businesses, helping them to achieve and exceed marketing and strategic goals. We have specialist knowledge and experience when it comes to understanding your various different audience segments, their challenges, pain points, and what they need from you in order to complete the required action(s).

Our health sector marketing services include:

Website design and development

Our website design for the health sector is user-friendly, visually appealing and intuitive, creating an engaging experience for visitors.


Brand boosting, including rebranding and logo design when required.

Channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing strategy development and implementation.

Graphic Design

Graphic design and print – flyers, banners, displays, handouts, presentations, branded merchandise and more

Social media

Social media marketing and community management.

Content Creation

Creative digital content, designed to reach and generate maximum engagement with your target audience – blogs, interactive tools, visual explainer content and more

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Top 10 elements that every health and wellbeing brand needs in their marketing toolkit


Blog content that provides helpful, responsible and educational content to your audience


Brand, style and tone guidelines that ensure all communications and marketing activities are compliant with relevant regulations in the health sector


Brochures or handouts for in-person settings and referrals


Attractive email marketing templates and engaging email content to hit the mark with your audience


Access to data and insights to improve marketing performance


A clear brand identity and memorable logo that reflects your company values


A beautiful and easy-to-use website


A social media presence that resonates with your target audience


Branded stationary that reflects your business values


Printed marketing materials, such as posters and flyers

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