How to hook a prospect – on a budget

How to hook a prospect – on a budget

Use your imagination

With so many companies spending a small fortune on marketing messages trying to grab a prospect’s attention, you may need to use some more unconventional methods to get noticed in a crowded marketplace!

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing does just that! It’s an original and unusual way of grabbing the attention of prospective clients when they expect it least! It’s particularly effective for businesses with smaller budgets as it generates maximum attention for a minimal cost, delivering a great return on investment!   

Big Hollywood filmmakers spend millions of dollars on their production and twice as much on the marketing. Independent filmmakers have to compensate for their lack of a large marketing budget with creativity. One cost-effective way to do this could be to organise a flash mob event. They are ideal marketing tools for a small group that needs to promote something on a budget.

Think BIG

Large companies are known to have created very memorable campaigns which weren’t necessarily run on a tight budget. One of our favourites is the Hot Wheels promotion, where the company placed large kids shaped billboards on both sides of a busy motorway. This simulated what it would be like for a child to play with hot wheel toy cars.

As a cost-efficient alternative, brands are known to have utilised bus stops, where they know their customers are travelling to and from. You could also place advertisements on the back/side of the bus. There is no limit to what you can do, just use your imagination!  

It starts with knowing your audience

The guerrilla strategy requires thinking outside of the box, but your message, although clever, needs to be easily understood, and in-line with the broader branding! You need to know your audience, their habits, interests, needs – it’s marketing on a personal level!

Cost-effective ideas with a big buzz

The real investment here is the creative, intellectual one! The implementation, however, doesn’t need to be expensive. You could remodel the outside of your shop by i.e. drawing a sign in chalk (so that it can be easily removed). We don’t suggest you add an item or clothing into a statue in a park or your town centre, but you could, for example, reskinned marketing week’s website with your company’s logo, banners and side skyscrapers!

Spice up your marketing

Sometimes rather than thinking up new and original ideas, you could re-purpose what you are already doing, just spice it up! Little touches can make a massive difference. Whether it’s adding a personal message on invoices you send out or making your business card stand out! Perhaps insert a tea bag and biscuit (depending on budget) in the envelope with your sales proposal so that the prospect can relax whilst reading it.

Get a helping hand

Here at Umbrella, we are a creative bunch! Our Sharing Marketing Knowledge campaign is just a taste of what we are capable of! Why not give us a ring on 01244 515569 or, if you’re local, pop in to our office to start the conversation?


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