How To: Integrate Your Marketing

Traditional and digital are often viewed as distinct approaches towards marketing a business, but Umbrella Marketing Team are huge advocates of using digital and traditional marketing activities in tandem.

OK – let’s put this in a way everyone will understand: through the medium of food!

Burgers taste great on their own, as does cheese: but, put them together and you’re onto a taste sensation! Just like burgers, traditional and digital approaches have their benefits and are certainly capable of holding their own. However, integrating appropriate aspects of traditional and digital marketing into your wider strategic marketing plan can bring significant benefits to your efforts.

Creating a seamless experience of your brand, products and services to your customers is essential for driving engagement as consumers are increasingly using a wide range of channels to access, digest and engage with information. Exposing customers to your brand across a range of these channels gives you the opportunity to communicate your messages across a range of media and in a range of locations (or digital spaces), providing maximum brand reach.

We’ve put together a quick reference guide for marketers on how to integrate your traditional and digital marketing tactics to provide a more strategic approach to marketing your business. For a copy of our downloadable guide, fill in the form below!

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