The importance of creativity in web design

The importance of creativity in web design

Web design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence so you need to find a style that works for your business! We recently led a West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce Start-up club workshop and put together a few reasons why web design is so critical to online success. Also, here are some top tips for building a presence in a busy marketplace.

Communication is the key

This might be the most important reason to invest in quality web design.  Your website may be packed with information, but can your visitors actually find what they are looking for?  Visitors make a judgement on your website within seconds and if they cannot see what they need straight away, you risk them clicking out of your website and navigating on to your competitors’ page!

What the F?

Site visitors read from left to right and top to bottom creating an ‘f’ pattern. Your key content should follow this pattern and should include a call to action. Popular website creation tools such as WordPress, now support content block plugins, which not only help to build beautiful websites but with great functionality too.

An image is worth a thousand words

Whether in the form of photos, illustrations, diagrams or infographics, images can assist with your brand positioning and also help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Colour is important in supporting your branding.  Develop a knowledge of colour theory and use it to foster the emotions you want people to experience when they connect with your business.

The power of words

You may have powerful and persuasive content but is it readable? Is it legible? Does it flow? Choose no more than 3 typefaces for your whole website, your choice in fonts should work with your branding and you should continue to use them across all marketing material in the future.  If your website is content heavy, you should include a serif font for bodies of text and a sans-serif for titles. Don’t forget to proofread and spell check!


Quality web design is one aspect of digital marketing that is difficult to implement yourself, especially when you’re busy establishing a business.  Most professional web and graphic designers have extensive technical backgrounds and have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting their craft.

Outsourcing design work has become the standard for nearly all businesses with an online presence, and it’s often not as expensive as you might expect.

If you are looking for professional web or graphic design services, we’d love to help.  At Umbrella Marketing Team our designers have years of experience in building unique custom websites and graphic collateral for clients throughout the country. We know what makes a website ‘bloom’, how to add the wow factor and we’d love to help your business grow.

Take a look at our web and graphic package for more information…

All the web and graphic design you need under one umbrella!

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