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The design and development of an international brand, online community & multi-lingual e-commerce platform.
Originally hailing from Mexico, InTheWild created an organically grown CBD skincare range to help people adapt to new things, new ingredients, new realities and new environments. They take their inspiration from the local Jaguars, who despite overhunting and deforestation, have beaten all odds and adapted incredibly to their new environment, thriving with a 20% growth in population in just five years.

We were given the challenge of launching this international brand to the UK and managing additional launches to Spain and the USA. InTheWild unique selling point is that their skincare products contain the highest concentration of CBD on the market. As well as this we had various other selling points such as all their products being vegan, handmade, plant-based, derma tested and pH balanced.

One of the biggest challenges during this project was to attract influencers to the brand. Because of Facebook’s rules around marketing CBD products we were unable to use paid advertising as a means of building hype around the brand. So we went down the route of finding influencers who could share our products with our target audience. We were able to track the progress we made with InTheWild’s social accounts and were very pleased with the growth in views, impressions, interactions, likes and comments. All of this led to product sales which is ultimately the final goal.
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The Design

Mobile-First Design
Approximately half of web traffic worldwide is accounted for on a mobile device. In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) made up 50.81% of global website traffic. This consistently hovered around the 50% mark since the beginning of 2017. This being the case, our design and development of the website had to be structured around the design philosophy known as mobile-first design. By focusing on creating the perfect user experience on a mobile, we could expand on each element to fit the desktop and create a fully accessible and remote website.

Public Relations

Getting recognition
PR was a large part of our strategic marketing plan. By getting featured in magazines, on online blogs and by simply receiving shout-outs from third party websites we could increase the number of backlinks coming to our site.

However, we also managed to get the product featured in some very popular magazines such as HELLO!, Glamour & Epicurean Life.

The Challenges

CBD: Can be difficult
One of the biggest challenges we found when working with a CBD brand is that a lot of the paid advertisements and paid social media we would launch would go against the terms and conditions of places like Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our client was very keen on bringing in as much paid traffic to the site, through ad campaigns and paid social campaigns at the early stages of the launch, however, as mentioned we found that a lot of these channels were cut off to us due to the selling of CBD products. This meant that we had a much larger focus on organic marketing and bringing in social media influencer to help boost the brand.
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