Meet our new recruits

Thanks to the rapid growth of our business, here at Umbrella Marketing Team, we would like to introduce you to our new graphic designer, Rhys Jones, and our new web developer, Cameron King.

Both Rhys and Cameron bring a new level of technical know-how to the team and a fresh outlook to outsourced marketing. If you’re interested in learning about how they could assist with your marketing, click here to view our new web/graphics packages.

Cam King


Rhys Jones




Web Developer

Job Title

Graphic Designer

Newcastle upon Tyne



Interactive Digital Media (BSc)

University Degree

Graphic Communications (BA)

We went retro on our video! – Watch a clip of our 8-bit video game …

Web Development & Design

We create unique, eye-catching and user-friendly design solutions, whilst developing bespoke, complex and responsive websites that help our clients make the most of their online marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

We make your website easy to find. By implementing our personalised SEO tactics and adhering to common SEO strategies, we ensure your website is ranked as high as possible on all search engines.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We design and develop personalised email marketing campaigns and can track the success of these using campaign monitoring software, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Let us help define what your brand stands for: its goals, its personality and the emotions you want people to experience when they connect with your business.
Exhibition Design

Limited only by imagination. We are here to help you gain new business from your exhibition, and to do what you need to make a big impression.

Print Design

From business cards to brochures, letterheads to leaflets, we can produce printed literature that helps your message stand out from the crowd.


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