Marketing During Times Of Uncertainty

There is little doubt that the Covid19 pandemic has given many businesses the opportunity to take stock of their operations, their services, and their communications. With a potential second wave around the corner, the question that businesses now need to address is just how much have the industries in which we operate changed, as well as the world around us?  

How does this affect your business?

Over the next few weeks, it is as vital as ever to be prepared because if the predictions are correct, businesses will be having to prepare themselves for what comes next. The world is ever-changing and remaining vigilant and communicating to others is as vital as ever.

So, is your business ready? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the lift-off after lockdown!

Marketing Plan

Make sure you have a marketing plan ready. Ideally, one that covers you for the next six months. This is important to ensure your business objectives reach their full potential and to ensure that your communication to the market place is relevant and is targeting the right audience. Customers, stakeholders and your internal teams all need to be kept informed. 

Customers need to know you are still operational, stakeholders and supply chains need the assurance of some level of continuity, and your internal teams need to understand decisions and processes to prepare themselves and perform to their fullest potential. Communication is critical, now is not the time to stop the flow of information, as this will only cause alarm and confusion.

Digital Marketing

Homeworking and newfound digital skills have changed over the six months. Identifying which digital channels your audience use is key to success. It may be one, or it may be a mix, what is essential, though, is that you are consistent when it comes to posting content and identify when your audience is looking. Are they merely looking on social media, or are they watching videos on Youtube or the ever-popular Tik Tok? They may only be using Google, or they may follow a specific influencer – wherever your audience is, where you need to be. 


Ensure you are updating the content of your website, as this will help with your optimisation with the Google ranking (this is also known as Search Engine Optimisation) and also show that you are keeping up to date with industry trends, news and innovation. Share your news, update your website banners, and keep it up to date with stock levels, service availability – people will understand so long as you inform them!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are all great social media platforms to generate new leads and followers to your business all of which you can tailor your message to meet a specific audience needs and interests. Communication is instant; you can engage live, and most importantly, keep you in their mind’s eye.


If you have a database of existing clients/customers, why not send them an email with an offering or maybe just a newsletter letting them know your opening hours, services and/or products you may sell, and indeed to reach out and welcome them back once business fully resumes!


Brochures, leaflets and business cards are great to mail out and once social distancing restrictions have lifted, to hand out when you are attending a meeting or networking.


Research local networking groups. These groups can be a great source of generating new leads/enquires into your business. Many will still be operating digitally, so there is always the opportunity to join online.

Here at Umbrella Marketing Team, we are fully committed to all of the above. We practice what we preach for our own business. We don’t just support our clients with their marketing; we offer advice to help them grow, we become an extension of their team and their business, adapting and evolving as we go.

So the big question is, are you ready?  

Can we help you get ready? 

Your business is important to us, and the Umbrella Marketing Team is ready to help you grow and communicate far and wide that not only are you open for business but that you are prepared to deliver.

We offer all businesses, of all sizes and industries a free marketing consultation. We have produced a free Marketing Planning PDF which we can email to anyone who requires help with their Marketing Planning. 

Please feel free to call a member of the team for any help or advice.


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