Marketing Trends 2015

With 2015 quickly approaching it’s time to get our head around what’s next?

From technology trends to changing business models to evolving consumer behaviours, there’s a lot to consider in order for today’s marketers to really have a handle on what’s important about future trends, platforms and ideas.

1. Multichannel experience
Old digital tactics and mastering individual channels are being forgotten because of the need to create a common brand experience across the digital experience on and offline. Customers expect to access and consume information across platforms, apps and devices. What we will see though, is a more conscious effort to bring distinct groups to the table to learn how to collaborate across screens, channels to deliver one experience to customers wherever they are in the lifecycle.

2. Be personal
Perhaps it’s a time to relax, lose the tie and unfasten couple of buttons? Be yourself, show your human side. Marketing seems to be shifting into a more humoristic direction. The demand seems to be not only for unique and informative content but also entertaining and more natural one too. 2015 will be the year of HUMAN for digital marketers. The days of ‘corporate speak’ messaging and dull boring campaigns are gone! Instead, we’ll begin to see more human-speak, like videos, pictures and humour! Get cracking folks, it’s time to actually care.

3. Communicate well in writing
In our online social world, we recognise that all marketers are writers. Everybody writes, and that’s true whether you are the CEO or Junior Marketing Executive. Our words are our currency – they tell the world who we are. They can make us look smart or they can make us look thoughtless. That’s why being able to communicate well in writing isn’t just nice, it’s necessity! Don’t think that writing doesn’t matter in your video, podcast, Instagram world. Actually, it matters even more! Good writing is like an iceberg – use your best words to convey depth under the surface.

4. Marketing analytics
It’s already happening, but 2015 will be the year of paid amplification. With content marketing being literally everywhere, the success pendulum will swing toward boosting consumption of content. That will put a new focus on math, testing and optimisation as content production and content distribution become equally important.

5. Need to be personal and targeted
Marketers have been advised to create and tailor different formats of content. This should be customised for highly fragmented marketing channels, starting from TV and print to various social media platforms. This will help you to reach your target audience.

6. More videos
In the age of increasing digital noise, visual storytelling will continue to emerge as a strategy. It’s not only going to make you stand out, but also help to engage in vibrant communities. The ability to craft visual stories that inspire emotion and spark the movement will help companies get noticed and amplify their message.

7. Online ads are predicted to increase
In order to accelerate content distribution, 2015 will continue a trend that has caught steam this year, which is mixing paid media with owned media. The best organic advertising helps build an audience into a long-term business asset, and that’s a goal worth spending on in conjunction with owned content creation.

8. Mobile ads
One of the top trends for digital marketing in 2015 is the rise and eventual pre-eminence of mobile data. Clickstream data simply misses too many elements of the consideration and purchase process, and gives things like social media, word of mouth, and traditional advertising short shrift. But as a call to action from social media, a smartphone-equipped consumer can take actions there and then.

9. Micro targeting and hypo segmentation
Digital analytics sophistication and usage increases: we understand from research, talking to users and being an active part of the industry that marketers are increasing emphasis on measurement. An ever-expanding mix of devices and channels is creating even greater pressures for digital teams to quantify their efforts. The technology is here and the market demand for talented analysts & data-savvy marketers has been in place long enough that 2015 is the year digital measurement finally comes of age. Smart brands have already formalised their efforts across organisations. If you’re not there it’s time to catch up.

10. Go back to the roots
The major change for 2015 is NOT about digital marketing. The major change will come from Going Back to Basics: revaluate the target audience, determine what works and what doesn’t. It’s time to re-prioritise and to be smart about resource allocation and investment. This means dedicating more resources to things that are harder to track, like answering customer questions and providing more value online.

In summary
Go back to basic, be human, have fun, embrace technology and measure your marketing efforts.

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