Moving Closer To Your Goals

Moving Closer To Your Goals

As we all get to grips with England being knocked out of the World Cup, we must also take a step back and celebrate England’s achievements in Russia.

Of course, the ultimate goal was to bring home the trophy, but making it this far in a tournament where England were not expected to do so requires great players, hard work behind the scenes, strategic training and consistent play.

Your business goals are different from those of a football team, but ultimately, the ‘goal’ is to achieve success.

You (probably) don’t need a forward like Kane or a keeper like Pickford to achieve your marketing goal, but you do need a variety of skills. Graphic designers, web developers, social media experts and an innovative manager are all required to get the best of all the marketing tools that are available to you. Umbrella Marketing Team has all the skills you need!

It’s not just the players who contribute to success. A great behind the scenes team have been playing their part too. The team’s attacking coach, goalkeeping coach and performance analyst are just some of the people behind the team.  Think of Umbrella Marketing Team as your back-office team, working behind the scenes to help you achieve your goals.

The World Cup campaigns require careful planning. From game plans to travel arrangements, there’s some extensive foresight involved. Your marketing goal may be to increase engagement with your website, reach a specific target audience or launch a new product. This requires a well thought out strategy, which Umbrella Marketing Team can develop and execute.

The winning World Cup team need to win four consecutive games (at the very least!) to survive the knockout stages. Keeping momentum is crucial, and they can’t afford to compromise on consistency. To achieve your goals, you need to maintain momentum too. Consistency in your branding makes sure your customers recognise your brand and well-timed marketing campaigns keep it at the forefront of people’s minds. Maintain your own winning streak by blogging, social media posting, attending conferences and networking events! Your marketing collateral can play a key role too!

Here at Umbrella, we can help you achieve your goals. To find out more about our outsourced packages, please contact us here or contact us directly on 01244 515569.

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