Case Study:
The Green Man
Brand Identity
Web Development
Graphic Design
Social Media
Marketing Strategy

The Brief

When The Green Man approached us they only wanted a website with the capability to upload and change menus themselves. Our client wanted the look and feel of the website to feel a little high end, a gastropub appeal with classical charm.

Stage 1

Website Development

We created a customised image-based WordPress website complete with all the functionality and capabilities such as table booking our clients needed. The pub had sourced a fantastic photographer to take shots of the pub interior, exterior and food, giving us a great base for us to create this stunning site.

Stage 2

Graphic Design

Collateral was also created and kept up to date as the pubs changed seasons and menus, following the branding that was initially created. This included menus, activity sheets for kids, screen images all in keeping with the branding.

Stage 3


Once the website was created the social media was handed over to us to manage and we worked on producing a content plan and strategy. By utilising the images from the photographer, we planned and created an image-based social media, to best showcase the unique decor and delicious food the pub had to offer. Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter are constantly updated with special offers, events and information about the pubs.

Our Solution

From the launch stages of the pub through to its opening to the general public, we have been with the green Man team every step of the way. We still remain an integral part of their team, offering ideas for events, sending out special messages and thinking of new ways to market their unique pub.

Umbrella have truly become the Green Man’s marketing team, and can’t wait for our next pint along with the new visitors to their pub! 


Avg. Monthly Website Visits


New Instagram Followers


Facebook Reach Increase