Outsourced Marketing: A Recipe for Success

Outsourced Marketing: A Recipe for Success

Here at Umbrella Marketing Team, we think it’s important to get the blend of people just right. We’ve collected a variety of skills, mixed them together and now we’re ready to serve up our expert marketing cocktail to you.

So, as the summer holidays commence, and we look forward to kicking back with a cocktail, enjoy this ‘drink’ on us. This is our recipe to get the most out of your outsourced marketing team.


3 measure marketeer
1 measure web developer
1 measure graphic designer
2 measures social media expert
All served over a strong marketing strategy
Oh, and don’t forget to add a slice of lemon for a zest of creativity!


1. Build a strategy

Work with your marketing team to develop a strategy. Your strategy should consider your market, customers, the USP of your product or service and your budget. It is the foundation of your marketing, the ice cubes to your cocktail and the sun to your summer! Our marketing team can work with you to develop a strategy that’s right for you.

2. Give a solid brief

Maybe you want your cocktail made in a specific way, (shaken, not stirred?) or you’re not so keen on the mint garnish on a mojito. Whether it’s to a mixologist or your marketing team, you should explain exactly what you’re after! Clarity between teams is vital to get the product you want. A style guide or branding guide is a good way of communicating your company’s identity. The better the brief, the better the outcome.

3. Set targets

It can be difficult to measure success unless you have clear targets in mind. Are you hoping for a super sweet cocktail, a cooling drink or something with an alcohol kick? Having a clear objective in mind gives you and your outsourced team a goal which you can work together to achieve. An expert marketing team can give an idea of the likely results of a variety of marketing actions. If you’re not sure exactly what you’d like to achieve, or how realistic your target is, then Umbrella Marketing Team can give you a better idea of this.

4. Communicate

Get chatting to your mixologist so he knows exactly how you like your piña coladas! Communication is crucial to the success of any task, especially if it’s outsourced. You may need a last minute helping hand, or your marketing team might need some extra information before they start a new task, so you need to be comfortable making contact. Build a relationship with the team and be clear on your expectations. Regular meetings for updates or questions are a good idea to keep the communication channels open.

To get the perfect mix of skills for your business, contact Umbrella Marketing Team.


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