Hello 2016: Let’s Ditch Those New Year’s Resolutions

Short-Term Resolutions VS Long-Term Solutions

We’ve reached the final stretch of 2015; we’re stressed but we feel accomplished, we’re exhausted but we’re excited too – another year under our belt. It’s around about now that we begin to reflect; what have we achieved, have we improved and what have we learnt? Reflective thinking is not only therapeutic but being aware of past set-backs and challenges can strengthen our determination and add focus and direction.

Positive, forward thinking is great, but starting the New Year with a set of ill-fated, broken promises will compromise your motivation. We don’t believe in fickle, short-term changes, just like we avoid one-off projects. We believe in long-term investments, realistic targets and changes for the long-term solutions. We also foster an ethos of teamwork and collaboration to make those successes that little bit easier to achieve.

So instead of dragging our feet into the New Year with apprehension, let’s embrace 2016 with some positive, strategic and long-term, marketing thinking:

1. Learn to delegate and boost efficiency!

You can’t do everything! But focusing on what is core to your business is the key to the development and financial success of the company, because only you can do this and your time is better spent on what you do best. Outsourcing means that you can devote yourself to the growth of your businesses whilst experienced professionals optimise an area that they specialise in.

Social media management can be a full time job depending on the size and nature of your company. Content writing is a skill that requires time for research and excellent literacy skills. Dedicated content writers can curate and distribute quality and relevant content on behalf of your company so that your time can be spent where it’s needed most. We can work with you to implement a winning content strategy; writing insightful pieces, producing consistent, relevant information then sharing it to your audiences.

2. Plan for an event

Whilst the downside to attending events is that they can be costly, the plus side is that your brand is present and visible among your competitors and your target audience. Attending industry events provides an opportunity to build relationships, network and meet new customers. Visitors are there because they want to be, so leverage this, ask for a sign-up or a business card and start building your contacts list!

Events are also the perfect way to showcase a new product or service to a large audience of people who are there to soak up information and see what’s on offer – not to mention potential press coverage. Real-time customer feedback can help product development and there’s the opportunity to network, learn and suss out what your competitors are doing.

Here at Umbrella, each member of our team has extensive experience in event management and coordination, both in the UK and overseas. From ensuring that you have eye-catching collateral to promoting your attendance, we can help you plan, prepare and shine at your event in 2016.

3. Get creative

Whether it’s through eye-catching, new marketing collateral or a well produced promotional video, the New Year is an opportune moment to show a ‘new you’. Promote a new product or raise the awareness of your brand; there are so many new ways to get your message across and boost the visibility of your brand.

Our team are a mix of creative and traditional marketers so that we can offer innovative but professional ideas and solutions – whether it’s a campaign or your everyday marketing admin – let’s think outside the box and get creative.

4. Reconnect

Establishing and reaching new audiences through your marketing efforts is a key element for growth, but nothing  beats the credibility of a reference from an existing, satisfied customer. Keeping in touch with the people who support your product and your brand encourages long-term, successful relationships and repeat business. Reaching out to existing audiences promotes your latest news, achievements and products or services – it’s also a useful means of getting the necessary feedback for improvements going forward.

So don’t fall victim to unrealistic expectations and don’t start 2016 with ill-fated promises to yourself – get in touch with a member of our team and find out how we can help you to pursue your long-term goals!

Happy New Year from the Umbrella Marketing Team


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