Red Card Marketing: What Not to Do

Red Card Marketing: What Not to Do

As the World Cup continues, and we hold our breath for (hopefully) another win, we’ve seen quite a few red and yellow cards given out in the tournament!

From a deliberate handball to some serious foul play, a red card sees players miss a game and teams struggling to compensate for their absence.

Here at Umbrella, we’re keen to help you avoid your own red card by keeping bad marketing off the pitch. Ensure your time is focused on worthwhile marketing that delivers results.

Lacking a strategy

Don’t miss out on opportunities to win! Without a well thought out strategy, your marketing activities are likely to be rushed and poor quality. Forward planning ensures high-quality content that is appropriate for your budget.

Not targeting your messaging

It’s important that footballers shoot on target, and it’s the same for your business! A blanket approach to marketing can overlook your main goal – your target audience! If you’re selling toddler toys, targeting teenagers is unlikely to result in high sales but aiming your messaging towards parents of young children likely will. Your messages need to be in the right place to be seen by the right people!

Not updating your website

Teams need fresh legs, and sometimes fresh faces, to stay on top. Your website needs to stay fresh too. Updating your site ensures its content and style isn’t outdated. An outdated website can appear unprofessional and can even turn away potential business.

Ignoring SEO

Getting the word out about your team gets you the support you need. Fans can’t come to your games if they don’t know you’re playing! SEO is a great technique to increase your brand awareness. Good use of keywords, social media and regular posting can all help with your positioning and Google ranking.

Not using a variety of marketing tactics

A successful footballer practises more than just penalty shootouts. Success requires a broad approach and good marketing strategies consider all the available tools. Social media, blogs, a high-quality website, offline marketing, radio adverts and PR are just some of the marketing tactics that are available. A social media plan is great but remember to use it in conjunction with other techniques!

Forgetting your existing customers

The last World Cup final was watched by over a billion people. The competition fires up an interest in even the most unlikely football fans, but teams shouldn’t forget their long-time supporters. After all, these are the people who buy shirts, attend friendly games and even travel across continents to show their support. Often, businesses plan new marketing campaigns in the hope of securing new customers but forget about their old, loyal ones. Rewarding customer loyalty and taking note of feedback are good ways of retaining customer support and improving your offering.


We all want to see our teams win, and we want to see it consistently. Whether your strength is a solid defence or a ferocious attack, you need to perform reliably. A consistent message becomes synonymous with your brand, and consistent marketing activity keeps it at the forefront of people’s minds.

Not measuring results

Unlike a football match score, marketing campaign results aren’t so obvious! Without analysing data using services such as Google Analytics or social media insights, it can be difficult to know which campaigns are working, and therefore where your time and budget are best placed.

Avoid a marketing red card! Get in touch with us.

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