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Social Media is a hugely important channel for any business, providing numerous customer touchpoints, a great way of communicating key messages to and engaging with your target audience, as well as increasing your online brand visibility. We can craft social media strategies and content that will help build relationships with your audience, drive leads, sales and conversions and can help complement and amplify your wider marketing efforts.  

Social media services we provide

We offer a wide range of social media services, across every social platform, depending on where your audience are present and the types of content and messaging that best resonate with them and inspire action. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest or Snapchat, we can develop a social media strategy that contributes to achieving your business objectives.

Some of our areas of specialism include:

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Whatever you need us for, you’ll be rewarding your organisation with an effective marketing solution that delivers real results.

Why choose Umbrella as your social media marketing agency?

Social media marketing can be a highly effective channel that brings great returns for your business and help you build positive relationships with your audience, but, when done poorly, or without the right kind of strategy in place, it can also be a huge drain on time and resources.

At Umbrella, we take the time to dig into exactly who your audience are, which social platforms they use (and why) and what types of content they respond best to. We then develop a strategy based on meeting your customer needs and the actions that you’d like them to take. We plan, create, implement, manage and track every element of your social media campaigns and use every learning to shape future activity and get the best possible results and ROI for your business.

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