Seven Marketing Lessons learnt from James Bond Movies

Here we take a look at where marketing and the entertainment industry come together and James Bond movies get the best out of both worlds.

We should shrug off the old buzzwords such as product placement and commercial interruption. They are overshadowing new ways of gaining momentum and engaging audience into buying goods and gadgets. Yet again, it all comes down to content generation as a successful strategy to communicate with clients.

James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAMJames Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAMCross off appearances and bet for enrichment

Rather than brands just appearing in the story, we should look into how they help to enrich them, making stories more powerful and enhanced. The answer would be content marketing and its influence on communication with client. The obvious example here would be Aston Martin and its long-term relationship with James Bond movies. Not only can we not imagine a Bond film without them, but also we are left asking for more. LESSON 1: Work out the formula that gives your customer what they want- then you are onto a winner.

James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAM

Never ever give up

There is always a moment in a James Bond movie where he manages to gets into a spot of trouble. Of course, we know he will find the way out of mischief- he is James Bond after all! The point is that even though James Bond is a fantasy, his focus on his end game always gets him through and this is true for all business owners. LESSON 2: Whether your ultimate goal is to build a multimillion-pound empire so you’ll never have to work again or generate 20 leads a month- your end game must be in view.

James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAMPiggy-back on a slogan

In reality, Aston Martin uses Spectre as the platform, transforming what would be a one-off sports car into timeless desire: “Built for James Bond. And now for you.” LESSON 3: Make your slogan your passion and your goal– this will help you to make a huge progress and have a positive impact on both your customers and your prospects.

James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAMPartnership

Aston Martin is not the only keen car brand to make its appearance on a James Bond movie. Jaguar and Range Rover are following the suit very closely. But to label them just as product placements would be missing a bigger picture. These are partnerships: brand integrations that add further layers to the narration. LESSON 4: Work with partners to find mutual benefits.

James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAMKnow your mission

Every James Bond movie has a story line that is starting with clearly defined mission. There are always ‘baddies’ and Bond has to overcome them and what they represent. Because of his values we quickly identify ourselves with him and support his mission throughout. Just as it is in the business world. LESSON 5: If a brand has clearly defined values reflected in all the content it creates, it makes it easier for clients to identify with it and stay loyal!

James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAMIntegrity

Despite James Bond being played by many actors and the films being directed by many directors, the main character and ideas stay the same. Obviously it evolves and changes over time to stay current and meet natural progression. LESSON 6: Transparency and integrity are the most important elements for brands too. Being real, offering integrity and evolving your marketing as you and your business evolves helps people want to know your story.

James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAMGo for it in a big way, don’t hide

James Bond never does anything in half measures. He strives to be the best. Always. And he does whatever it takes to make it happen. He never hides away and announces strongly: “My name is Bond. James Bond.” LESSON 7: Don’t hide your own identity. It is far too important for marketing purposes. People buy from people, not faceless ghosts, personalities are remembered, liked and they help build relationships.James Bond, Umbrella Marketing TEAM

You may have gathered that we like James Bond and are keen to implement lessons learnt from his movies into our daily marketing.

The above connotations are just examples, but if you want to implement a successful content marketing strategy, or looking for help telling your story and build relationship with your prospects and client- don’t wait!

We are here to help.

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