Social Media Algorithms: what do they mean to your business?

Social Media Algorithms: what do they mean to your business?

It’s hard to wrap our head around social media at the best of times ; tweeting, sharing, uploading, liking, following – it can be slightly intense! You might have heard about Algorithms. These are the code/ set of rules that your social media channels are run by. If you are going to put time and money into your posts, then it’s vital that you understand how Algorithms work in order to get value for money.


Facebook has changed so much in recent months. Facebook want to make sure that people receive the content they actually care about. This has made marketing for business extremely difficult in comparison to recent years where posts were shown on a newsfeed in chronological order.
The rules of how to handle these Algorithms change daily BUT there are some tips to consider that can optomise your engagement.
Algorithms for Facebook are all about showing people the content that’s is relevant to them. A business needs to focus their content and what is relatable to their potential customers. This even applies to paid ads. The lower your relevance score the higher it’s going to cost to run. Wording and targeting is everything!


Like Facebook, Twitter has also adopted the algorithms to be based on relevance of its customers. They have extended it’s characters so users can share more and they’ve also added “the best Tweets you may have missed’ which can come in useful to businesses IF they have content of worth. Description that people find engaging and likable.


Instagram is the latest social media network to decide that it wants to change its feed to an algorithm-based one. In a blog post, they said that since the user base had grown so much it was getting harder and harder to keep up with the posts from their favorite followers. It’s why they have decided to base what you see on your newsfeed on relevancy, as opposed to anything else.
Rather than hiding posts, like on Facebook, businesses are not going to take as much of a hit because all posts will still be visible, but they will always come behind posts that are considered to be more relevant.

What This Means For Your Business?

It’s actually going to be beneficial for business in the long run. You will produce top quality content, with true engagement and a following of people who will actually want to know about your updates. You can run paid ads that will target the customer you really want, rather than posting out content that will just be viewed by whoever happens to be online at the time.
This is how technology is moving. It’s getting smarter as it learns more about it’s users.
This is the future, where do you see your business fitting in?

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