Strategic and effective business communication

Strategic and effective business communication

Effective communication in the office is more than just sending a few emails, leaving voicemail messages or putting information posters here and there. There needs to be an element of strategy involved.

Communication is not a one-way process, you need to intently listen to and respond on a level that will be understandable for those you are communicating with. It’s also about being direct and to-the-point on what it is that you are saying.

When it comes to business, there are many strategies that could be implemented to make your communication clear, smooth and effective. Here are some ways and pointers that could help with your tactics:

Tweak message depending on recipient

Consider who your recipient is, some people may want to know all the nitty gritty details and others might prefer a high-level information.

Look at the information you are communicating from your recipient perspective, think about what’s important to them. This way you should avoid any miscommunications and potential problems that could arise from its misinterpretation.

Explain why it’s important

Why should people care about what you are about to communicate to them? What is it about the information that would make them actually listen?  Is it just common courtesy? Is it their job to respond?

Try and present the message in a way that would strike their chord. Chances are that if you care about the issue you are communicating, your audience will care about them too!

Do it in person

The method of communication is equally important as the actual content of a message.

Important news should be delivered in person. Nothing worse than receiving email about being made redundant or finding out from the news about company going bust!

Personal delivery means you are opening up into a conversation and could help to work things out. It also shows that you care and are willing to take that extra step.

Timing is a key

Company gossip can spread quicker than a ray of light and hence timely delivery is a key to avoid exaggeration. Whatever the news, people need to hear it first-hand directly from the source. Minding all strategies and potential consequences, wire it out as soon as you can.  This should eliminate the possible gossips and mis-informed actions being taken.

Less is more   

Forget the fluff and fancy filler words! People don’t want to read reams of text. If you can convey your message in 20 words- that’s perfect. Be direct and to-the-point.

Repeat but don’t nag

Some people are more receptive to emails, others prefer visual communication and yet some need to hear it to catch it! If you want to ensure that your memo is noticed, use multiple platforms to deliver your message. You would be surprised but it can unintentionally get blanked out!  

Having a communication strategy plan in place is a key to running a successful business and could prove to be an essential part of your marketing. Please get in touch to see how Umbrella Marketing Team could help you put effective business communication tactics in place.    

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