Strategic Thinking in a Digital World

Why do you need digital marketing strategy? The answer is simple- because without one you are standing good chances of missing on opportunities and losing business. Creating a digital marketing strategy will open many doors and ensure that you concentrate your efforts on the relevant elements and tactics.

You’ve probably already started the process of defining your digital strategy- even just by observing your competitors and what they are up to. At this stage- there is no easy fix or a universal solution. There is no standard recipe that would fit all business models in all sectors! Every business needs to bake-off its own unique digital strategy! And although all the businesses are using the same basic ingredients, the result will be very different to each one of them!

Let’s start with the basics:

                                                          Know your business:
You’re the expert! You know your business; do you think you can embrace the digital technology? Are your services suited for online promotion? Are you ready to      accommodate those changes?




                                                           Know the competition:


Are your off-line competitors the same as your digital ones? Think what can you learn from them- not only in terms of what are doing right or wrong, but also is there anything that they are not doing? How are you different from them? Importantly, don’t limit yourself locally! You’re entering a global arena; can your services be accessed from other part of the globe?



                                                          Know your customers:


What do they want? How are they going to benefit from your services? Are you going to be servicing your existing customers or are you fishing out to reach new demographics? How can you harness the knowledge to engage with them digitally?



                                                          Know what you want to achieve:


If you don’t know where are you going there is a pretty big chance you’ll never get there… Like in a traditional marketing plan you need to set your business objectives, digital objectives and KPIs. Your goals need to be clear, measurable and achievable. Do you want to improve your brand awareness or generate online sales? Your goals are your milestones against which you can measure your progress.



                                                          Know how are you doing:


The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s measurable, you can track it, analyse it, compare it towards predefined goals and KPIs. Perhaps certain digital channels delivering better results than others?



Information available in an instant:

Digital marketing is very much like direct marketing- you invest, sell, weigh up your ROI, learn, adapt and move on. The biggest difference however, is the accountability! In digital you have far more control and you can make a lot more informed decisions based on the feedback and information from various analytics reports.

You are in control:

You have a lot more control too! You can adjust the pace and flow of your marketing budget, you can choose the appropriate channels, times of the day you want your ads to appear, you can even choose the audience…

The Digital world opens up a lot more doors and opportunities, it takes you and your business a whole step further!

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