Happy St Patrick’s Day – here’s to teamwork!

Not only do we have some tenuous links to Ireland and love an excuse for shenanigans.. Umbrella Marketing Team are big believers of teamwork!

What does St Patrick’s Day have to do with teamwork I hear you cry?

St Patrick’s Day is a much loved, lively occasion for people (both Irish and not) to come together to drink, dance and celebrate – did you know that parades take place in at least 30 different countries? Or that St Patrick, a Christian missionary, is celebrated for creating a sense of community among the Irish? What about the fact that we will collectively put away around 13 million pints of Guinness today?

If that doesn’t inspire a sense of collaboration and ‘good craic’ then the 17th March is not a day for you!

Here’s to team spirit and cost effective marketing!

One thing we pride ourselves on here at UMT HQ is our team spirit and diversity of specialisms, enabling us to offer our clients a well rounded approach to strategic, digital AND traditional marketing – IN-HOUSE!

This means that we can promise low costs for clients and they can avoid the risks and challenges of recruitment! We’ll drink to that!

If you would like to discuss marketing, Guinness or even Lego (?) get in touch with a member of our marketing team on 01244 515 570 hello@umbrellamt.com


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