The Final Scores Are In

The Final Scores Are In!

With the World Cup now in full swing and results coming in thick and fast, Umbrella Marketing Team has some results of our own to share.

We recently conducted a client questionnaire, and it seems we’ve come out on top. 80% of our clients said they were satisfied with the completeness of our services. We understand that a winning team needs more than just a quick-thinking goalie. You need forwards, defenders and midfielders! From graphic design to social media, Umbrella Marketing Team’s broad range of marketing solutions brings all the skills you need to be winning tournaments.

From an experienced coach to an expert manager, you need a quality team working behind the scenes. 75% of our clients felt that the staff applied to their projects were of a high standard. Our team brings the results to have you lifting the trophy!

Our goal is to provide high quality, timely marketing services and it appears we’re hitting the back of the net. On our ability to execute and deliver campaigns on time, we scored an impressive 90%. We get you match ready in time for kick-off.

Your team might not be bringing you the results to win your office sweepstake, but Umbrella Marketing Team will bring you results you can smile about. 85% of our clients agreed that we were able to report on results in a way that they could utilise. Maybe people are flocking to your website but not hitting the subscribe button, or do your team have possession but aren’t scoring goals? We aim to pinpoint the issue, so you can take home 3 points every match.

80% of our clients felt that we were able to successfully apply knowledge from prior experiences and apply best practices. We look at your past games to make sure you’re winning the tournament. If we know that last season it was your defence that let you down, then we’ll be sure to improve this in time for next season. By knowing your business, we learn how best to achieve your goals and show bad marketing the red card!

Teamwork is essential in football, and we take it seriously too. A whopping 95% of our clients said that we encouraged a friendly and professional working atmosphere. We communicate from the moment your project kicks-off to the final whistle. From communication on the pitch to camaraderie during training, our team works together with yours to deliver the best results.

Could Umbrella Marketing be the team to take you to the top of the leader-board?

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