The Ghost of Christmas Past takes us back to…1995

Every Friday throughout Christmas Umbrella Marketing Team are being visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past. We’re taking a nostalgic, festive trip down memory lane to reminisce over our favourite toys, festive films, Christmas No.1’s and the big news stories. Last week we gave you 1985, this week we’re time-travelling back to 1995; when we had the coldest winter since 1981,  Norway triumphed in the Eurovision and Freddo’s still cost 10p.

Let’s kick off with the most popular toy, Christmas 1995

Yes, pogs. Totally pointless but incredibly distracting, so they were banned by most schools. We’re still trying to figure out what you were meant to do with them… answers on a post card.

What were we watching at the pictures?


“A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind”. Jumanji! Released 15 December, 1995. A boy gets sucked into a board game and 26 years later he has to play again for his release. It’s not very Christmassy, but it did star the wonderful Robbin Williams and it was the closest you got to a scary film when you were only old enough for PG.

What was going on in the world?

Lots actually. For a start, we got Windows ’95 – which introduced us to task bars, long file names and the recycle bin.

vintage retro 1990s pc windows


December 1995 also saw leaders of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia sign a peace accord in Paris to end 3 years of war and a heart warming 280,000 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes were distributed across Eastern Europe, Moscow, Kenya and Rwanda.

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for.. Christmas No.1 1995



In 1995 we all demonstrated our festive cheer by going out and buying Michael Jackson’s Earth Song.


We hope you are enjoying the festive period, don’t forget to join us next week when we’re going back to the Naughties to see what Christmas 2005 had in store…


Images courtesy of Gify, the Chive, Will Drew Music. Ref: Vogue 

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