The Importance of Content

The Importance of Content

Written content is a powerful business tool. It’s not only bookworms that read – we all do! It’s almost impossible to avoid text in your marketing activity. Whether it’s a snappy tweet or a lengthy booklet, language is one of the main communication forms between business and customer.

Though social media feeds include images and videos, they also contain lots of text. A 2017 study found that, on average, people spend 35 minutes per day on Facebook, allowing for plenty of reading time. Placing your text onto your customers’ feeds is an efficient, low-cost technique to reach them directly. Accompanying your message with a photo or video is an eye-catching addition.

For many businesses, copy is the main communication channel. With E-commerce overtaking physical stores and chatbots often appearing as the first point of contact, enquiring in-store or over the phone is less common. Online copy, therefore, is often the first (and sometimes only!) impression that a customer gets. Images are great to catch the eye, but it’s in the text that a customer will really get to understand your business! The text should explain what you can do for your customer, and how they can access your product or service.

Written content allows you to showcase your expertise. Thought provoking, expert content displays your knowledge to your audience. Social media posts which direct users to your website or updates such as blogs also help with your SEO. Read more on SEO here.

When a customer reads your emails, social media posts or news articles, it’s inevitable that they’ll form an initial opinion on your business. Wordy, subject-specific language can alienate the average reader, whereas colloquial phrases or grammatical mistakes can appear unprofessional. Write for your target customer and use language that reflects your brand to give the most accurate impression of your business.

Content is a key part of your marketing, online and offline. Call us on 01244 515 576 or contact us here.

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