Why is SEO so important?

Why is SEO so important?

If you’ve gone to great lengths to create your website then you might think all the work is done, but it’s just the beginning. SEO is essential to any business – it helps to direct growth to your product or service so you can really branch out.

When on Google, most search engine users are likely to click on the top 5 page results – so how do you get yours flourishing to that tree top? Implementing correct meta tags, meta descriptions and keywords will help boost your website to the top of the results.

SEO is not only about search engines. SEO can help improve the user experience and usability of a website. For example correctly implementing heading tags helps users identify content easier and therefore navigate easier. This may also keep them on your site for longer.

Users trust search engines, so having a presence near the top of a search result will increase the user’s trust and authenticity of your website. SEO can strengthen your branches and put you ahead of the game. If there are two sites selling the same product, the site using stronger SEO tactics is more likely to have an increased rate of customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your site fall. let’s find your tap root!  Call us on 01244 515 576 or email hello@umbrellamt.com and let’s sit down for a coffee & chat about growing your business online!


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