The Tree of (Marketing) Knowledge

The Tree of (Marketing) Knowledge

It’s been a summer of heatwaves, World Cup celebrations and even a royal wedding.

As the sun sets earlier, the weather becomes cooler and the kids head back to school, here in the Umbrella Marketing Team office we’re ready to put on some much-needed layers, grab our umbrellas and head into autumn.

We love sharing our knowledge, and with new team members, we’ve got even more knowledge to share! Throughout autumn we’ll be sharing facts, quotes and giving answers to frequently asked questions.

Each member of the Umbrella team has a unique marketing skill, which they’ll be sharing with you. Once a week, a leaf will fall from our marketing tree. Each leaf will contain key information on a particular marketing topic. From graphic design to social media, the team have the know-how to get it right.

Utilising the available marketing tools is crucial for any business. Whether you want to target individuals or other businesses, online or offline, Umbrella Marketing Team are here to help. Increase your reach, build your brand and grow your customer base! Keep up with our autumn campaign to get up-to-date information on a range of marketing techniques, graphic design tips and in-depth web development solutions.

Whether you’re worried about the latest Google algorithms or confused about which social media platform to use, we’ll be providing information to help you out.

The countdown is on! Get to know the team and benefit from handy tips and expert insights. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, or check back on the Umbrella Marketing Team website on Mondays throughout autumn.

Check out the Umbrella Marketing tree here and let us know what you think!

For more information on how Umbrella Marketing Team can benefit your business, contact us on 01244 515 569, or contact us here.

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