The Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2019

The Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2019

For many businesses, a website is the first point of contact with customers. Make sure your website is up to date with our rundown on the top trends of the moment.


Billboard Design

Previously in web design, content would usually sit in a single column down the middle of the page, leaving empty margins either side. Now, designers are breaking the stereotypes and adopting what is known as billboard design, with content usually being stretched across the full width of a screen.


Mobile First Design

Mobile first design is a method that’s become more popular in recent years. The huge rise of mobile devices has made responsive web design a necessity. In 2016, 51.3% of internet usage was on mobile, overtaking the desktop for the first time. It makes sense, therefore, to design for mobile devices primarily, then adapt for desktop. Often, the design would be developed for desktop and then condensed to fit the limitations of mobile. Mobile first design focuses on the mobile development first, then expands the design to incorporate the extra capabilities of the desktop.


Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are already becoming more common, and we think these will be everywhere in 2019. The human eye is naturally drawn to a moving image, so these are an incredibly effective way to capture attention. Whether it’s a video of your premises, or people engaging with your product, a moving background is a quick and effective way to express the essence of your brand.



Minimalism is an ever-increasing trend in web design. A long way from the untidy websites of the 90s, the ‘less is more’ mantra is being applied to modern websites. A minimalist design can improve UX. The more text, images and patterns that are on a screen, the more a user has to process to identify what they’re looking for. Minimalist designs often utilise negative space and dramatic typography, creating a clean, effective aesthetic.

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