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A well-balanced mix of experience and fresh talent from a range of marketing disciplines has been combined to form the Umbrella Marketing Team: we draw the best in experienced marketing professionals, blending them with the freshest graduates and apprentices so you benefit from the enthusiasm of new talent with those who know ‘what good looks like’.

Our experience spans across a wide variety of business sectors so we really know what it takes to help you grow your business, with skills to deliver your routine, day-to-day marketing activity through to the extraordinary, creative campaigns that win you a crucial competitive advantage.

Our team becomes your team – an extension to your back-office. Our skills and abilities enhance your business’ capability, capacity and proposition through the deployment of a scalable resource, ready to meet your needs.

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Investing In Our People

We take the development of our people seriously, and we are committed to ensuring the next generation of professional marketers - today's students and apprentices - are ready to tackle the challenges of a career in marketing.

Umbrella Marketing Team works with a unique 50:50 blend of fresh talent and experienced professionals, combined in a single, cohesive team.

This team architecture allows us to co-develop, with our apprentices, students and graduates learning skills from and being supported by our senior marketers and, vice versa, for our senior marketers to learn fresh approaches to their work from our junior team members. The development of every individual within Umbrella Marketing Team is important to us – not just for the benefit to our business, but to the benefit our people.

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Our Commitment to Our Team

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Apprentice and Graduate Talent - Investing In Our People - Umbrella Marketing Team - Outsourced Marketing - Marketing Agency - Marketing Consultants - Chester

Graduate Talent

Experienced Marketing Professionals

Umbrella Marketing Team is proud to be a member of The 5% Club, an industry-led campaign where members commit to reaching a target of 5% of its workforce consisting of apprentices, sponsored students and/or graduates within a 5 year time frame.

The 5% Club is focused on creating momentum behind the recruitment of apprentices and graduates into the workforce. Its members consist of companies from across the UK who are willing to support the next generation of our country’s workforce and to build the UK’s ability to compete globally as an economic power.

Additionally, as the first marketing and digital business to join the campaign, Umbrella Marketing Team are set to lead the professional agenda for creating rounded talent in this sector.

Umbrella Marketing Team supports students on placements from the University of Chester, among other universities, and our apprentices are supported by local learning providers.

Graduates bring valuable skills and knowledge into the workplace, gained from their University studies and experiences. Combined with their enthusiasm, drive and ambition as well as their openness to learn new skills, graduates offer an attractive addition to our Team.

Umbrella’s unique ‘blended’ resource model means that our graduate talent is onboarded into a position where they will quickly learn the ‘ins and outs’ of marketing, working on a cross-section of client work from across a range of sectors.

Exposure to all elements of the marketing mix is also important in ensuring that our graduates receive a first-class training experience. We pride ourselves on providing a multi-disciplinary team for our clients, but the individual interests and ambitions of our graduates are also taken into account when assigning work across our team – we believe that when people do what they enjoy, the results are always better.

Our senior team members are drawn from a range of industry backgrounds and have all operated at a management or senior management level in previous posts. The experience of our senior team means that they ‘know what good looks like’ and can not only ensure an excellent quality of work output from our entire team, but they can also support and develop more junior members of our team.

Senior marketers at Umbrella Marketing Team are encouraged to undertake professional training and development opportunities in the same way as our graduates, apprentices and students. Additionally, the multi-disciplinary nature of our team means that our senior team constantly find learning opportunities from others in the Umbrella Marketing Team.

Skills and knowledge development is paramount for our business, so all members of our team are equally expected to undertake development opportunities, both in and out of work time.


Apprentice and Graduate Talent

We recruit only the brightest and best graduates and apprentices for our team.


Experienced Marketers

The finest experienced marketers provide our team's know-how.


Your Team

Our team is your team: we work to your standards, delivering what you want.