Website Audit and Refresh

website audit and refresh

When was the last time you really looked through every page of your website?

We continuously look at our client’s sites for ways to improve them, but end up neglecting our own! 

Recently, we reviewed our website and decided that there were a few pages we just didn’t need or information that was duplicated somewhere else. What we quickly realised was that we had fallen into the trap of adding little bits here and there, but not looked at the website overall. 

To be able to really see your website, we found, that the old fashioned way with pen and paper was the best! We literally printed off every page of the website and mapped it out just as we’ve done below. 

website audit and refresh

Using this process you can easily see the flow of the site, and how a user would navigate their way around. Looking at the website this way you can also see if it is consistent in terms of imagery, headers, tone and messaging. 

It’s simple changes that can help make your website more professional, clean, easier to navigate and well put together. A great example of this is the icons you use on a website, as the brain picks up on patterns, and when we see something that doesn’t fit, such as the use of a different style of icons, it actually makes the user feel subconsciously uncomfortable.

We have now streamlined our site, removing any unnecessary content and reorganising the flow of pages. We ensured the site follows the same patterns throughout to make the user journey feel seamless. 

Although not all our visitors will notice a big difference, we believe it will improve their experience. 

Having gone through this process we will certainly keep a close eye on Google Analytics to see if our customer flow results improve and whether they stay on our site for longer.  We are planning to carry out this exercise on a scheduled regular basis to get the best out of the site.

If you think you’d benefit from a fresh look website or need a website audit, get in touch now: 01244 656 505 or email: hello@umbrellamt.com.  All the marketing you need under one umbrella. 



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