Why Outsource – ask Steve!

This is a topic that I get asked regularly.

Don’t get me wrong; outsourcing isn’t for everyone but allow me to take you through a few pointers to see how it could be beneficial to your business.

Outsourcing is an excellent way of using an “out of the box thinking” method. 

You may have an in-house marketing department and feel you have all the knowledge and know-how that you could need; but, do you have all the creative, out of the box thinking? Is there someone in your marketing department looking at trends within other industry sectors? Are they up to date with the crucial updates from Google and social media outlets?

Many businesses use an outsource marketing team because they offer peace of mind and because it is cost-effective. An example is Steve. 

Steve (a business owner) spends around 7 to 10 hours per week marketing his business. This is time spent when he should be concentrating on his core business, managing his customer requirements and staff. However, Steve is preoccupied trying to keep up with his marketing as he has identified the need to keep a presence on social media and writing blogs. 

Steve also struggles to come up with content to keep relevant information flowing on social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which can feel like a burden on him. Steve did some calculations after a meeting with Umbrella Marketing Team. 

He realised that not only would he save time, he would also save money. 

He calculated that if he spent 10 hours per week doing his marketing that would equate to £800 per week in lost revenue if he billed out at his standard rate of £80 an hour. Over a year that worked out to be a loss of potential earnings of around £41,000. 

The quote he received from Umbrella Marketing Team was £1095 per month (40 hours per month of continuous marketing). Over a year, Steve not only would save time, but he would also save his business £27,860 in lost revenue and have a marketing team to enhance his business to give him more brand exposure. All this and an improved structured method of marketing his business.

Many businesses owners use an outsource company for the convenience of not having to employ staff into their business; we understand that too – just think, no overheads, HR issues, pensions, training….

Having a team like ours by their side they no longer have to be known as a one-man-band outfit but a business with an active marketing department who communicate regularly and exchange ideas. 

Having an outsource marketing team will always have a positive impact on your business, the skill set as a team collective offers so many benefits and at a reduced risk and cost.

Want to talk about outsourcing your marketing contact me:
Gavin Belton-Rose
Business Engagement Manager
07515 920879

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